For Magazine Publishers and Circulators:

Abacus Circulation finds readers for your magazine and helps you keep them. Direct mail campaigns. Renewal series development. Newsstand management. Launch planning, predictive modeling and budgets. Profitability analysis. We do it all.

We work with niche titles who want to have
all the benefits of a seasoned circulation manager but don't need a full-time circulator ... as well as with mass-market titles on special marketing projects and new ventures.

Abacus's strength is our flexibility. We can:

work with you on specific projects, from idea-generation to campaign analysis, from selecting circulation software to improving cover design;

provide support to your circulation staff in an ongoing capacity;

serve as your circulation manager, doing everything from press runs to circ audit preparation ... so you can concentrate on editorial and design, and on strengthening your advertiser relationships.

To find out how Abacus might be able to help you, give us a ring. We'll provide straightforward, jargon-free and realistic advice.

For Industry Associations and Supporting Agencies:

Abacus is staffed by
industry experts with decades of experience translating their knowledge into reports, tools, and services you can use to serve the magazine industry better.

Whether you are an industry association with a project to get underway, or a funding agency needing to know more about common challenges in the industry, Abacus's team can give you a hand or deliver a full service solution.

We can also provide assistance with
professional development. We have conducted seminars on a wide variety of topics related to magazine marketing, as well as worked one-on-one with titles of all shapes and sizes.

We're always eager to brainstorm, so give us a